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Why Us?

  • Complete power and stability with Xeon E3 and E5 processors.

  • Lightning fast gigabit port speeds come standard.

  • Receive full root SSH access on any VPS or dedicated server.

  • Instant setups on VPS and web hosting services.

In addition to the above, Chromobyte offers unparalleled support that will gladly help with any concerns that arise.

"Very good service, no lag and very good price for 75 slots. It was able to run my server perfectly. I would recommend this service."

"Amazing servers, I was given a trial 2GB server and it was amazing. I even compared it with my server on a different host which is one of the highest ranked hosters and I can say by far it showed that Chromobyte servers are the best I've seen so far. Also I tested 2 other hosters and it still showed no match to yours. so I will make a little comparison to show now:

Server 1 (currently using) Lag:6/10 ticket help:4/10 Time taken for ticket replies: 6/10 offered able prices: 3/10

Server 2 Lag:7/10 ticket help:7/10 Time taken for ticket replies: 4/10 offered able prices: 6/10

Server 3 Lag:4/10 ticket help:4/10 Time taken for ticket replies: 7/10 offered able prices: 7/10

Server 4 (Chromobytes) Lag free:9/10 (would say more if I tested for even longer) ticket help:10/10 (Remi is pro) Time taken for ticket replies: 9/10 offered able prices: 10/10 (keep it up!)"

"Your minecraft hosting is way better than [unnamed host], I would pick you guys everyday of the week compared to [unnamed host], their staff was rude/unprofessional plus they did not offer hosting for tekkit so I was left in the wind on that one, I'm glad I chose you guys after having a bad run in with them. Thanks"

"Yea, I can confirm that they are a legit hoster.They are pretty fast to respond to support tickets and their control panel is swift. The plugin's that are one click install are actually up to date, which is weird, because they never are. I would say if they set up instant setup's for minecraft servers and instant setups for mysql database's, these guy's would be the perfect hoster for anyone. Note:it took 4 minutes to set up both sql database's for me. That is pretty fast, considering most hosters take 15-20 minutes to do it without instant set up's."

"This server hosting is awsome. The hosting is running MultiCraft, i registered when the company was in preopened version. The server is running perfectly fine. When the server gives you a out of memmory or something like you need a server restart to fix the problem, usually it restarts itself. The service is running 99.9%~100% uptime. Also the company gives you an optional MySQL database for your server. Overall its 10/10. Best value server. Fast support. Awesome performance and price. If you have a server and you are paying a lot for the same, this is your choice."

"Hello, i recently bought a server, and i am extremely satisfied with it! The prices are amazing, and the connection is perfect! Thanks!"

"This really is the best hoster i've ever used. Rock bottom prices too! I recommend ChromoByte's 100%"

"Chromobyte is awesome! I've rented a server for two-ish weeks now and at this point before I have been looking for other companies, either because of bad customer service or just generally bad server hosting. Im happy to say that I will not be looking for a new company to go to next month as I feel Chromobyte is by far one of the best server hosts. The server is lag-free and the customer response is rapid (Some times a bit slow but I expect thats due to time zones, which is forgivable) But anyway! These guys are amazing and you are a fool if you go to one of the other big companies!"

"I absolutely love this server host, I am quite new to hosting a server but when asking for assistance they were so kind and fast responsive! Great Server Great Price :]"

"it's been almost 2 months since I got my server. Everything has been great with 99% uptime !!! No complains at all they are a little too helpfull lol not that it's bad but I feel sorry with that said if you are new to minecraft server hosting I will definitely recommend this service they will hold your hand and help you."

"Right, where do i start. Let me start with the owner of chromobyte himself. Joe is truly one of the nicest and top caring people i have ever met. his goal is to meet your targets and please you as a costumer. he is polite and 100% professional. there has not been a single time where i remember when i have been dissapointed with joe, and i have asked ALOT from him. Let me say how he has benefited my server. he has helped me in countless ways, ways that he could of easily not done for me as he doesnt have to as a host, but never has he failed me. He was there and practicaly MADE my server for me. he set up my permissions and other essential plugins as well as sort out the hundreds of errors and problems i had with plugins,server and players. this guy is seriously a rare find. his personality is great and he makes me proud to pay my server fees to him. Now, lets get onto the server its self. how is his service? well let me answer that by saying, there has not been a SINGLE time where the servers have been down in my timezone. infact there has never been a problem, i have caused more problems for him then he has for my server. never have i experiance lagg or server related issued, and never has a player complained about it, he also has alternative staff working for him too just incase he is busy or not available. Now let me get into the server costs. could you possibly find a cheaper package which offers such top quality server hosting. i would expect the service he provides to be labeled with a company which charges 200% more. So overall what do i think of the service as a whole? i think this service offered is one of a kind and i think what chromobyte doing is a very special service. the prices of the packages are at a crazy good rate and perfect for people who want to start their server with no budget. there are abosulutly no complains or issues from me, so anyone deciding which host to go with, i suggest you go with chromobye. Personal message to Joe: I would like to thank you greatly for your aid towards my server, you have helped me out greatly and the server would not exist if it wasnt for you, i wish you the best out of chromobyte in the presence and future, and any other possible paths in your future. thanks alot for the service. lots of respect."

"I decided to move my server to Chromobyte after its resounding success over the months. I've been with three hosts in total, and Chromobyte have definitely topped them all in every way. While many hosts may be cheaper by a few $ - They are not worth it, they are laggy and offer bad support. Trust me, I know by experience.

Although me and my staff are somewhat novices at server hosting, domains, host names etc - Chromobyte are most certainly not. They offered me a free dedicated IP to link with my host name, and this was done instantly, without any fuss. They made this extremely simple and easy to deal with. There support is no doubt top dollar in my book.

Furthermore, I have seen absolutely no lag whatsoever, I purchased the 4GB server package (EU), for a nice $40 and it's without a doubt the best package out there, with the best connection and all I could want, really.

With Full FTP, Multicraft, Unlimited free MySQL databases, un-metered hdd space, easy transferring from an old host, a quick set up, free sub-domain and web hosting, 30% discount and no tax (!), I couldn't resist choosing Chromobyte.

I 100% RECOMMEND THIS HOST! Don't miss this opportunity, you'll regret it!

I would aldo like to personally thank Chromobyte!"

"This... Is THE best server hosting company EVER to walk the face of this Earth! What all Minecraft users want, they GOT IT!

Support: I cannot even start how awesome their support is! They answer back super-fast, with very helpful info! They helped me install permissions perfectly, and didn't stop until it worked perfectly! Never has this company let me down!

Features: Man are they feature-packed! They got one-click install plugins, to installing the latest bukkit dev build for you! They got the features! And TONS of them!

Performance: They have super fast servers, with no lag! It never lagged, unless we removed nearly 200,000,000 blocks at once, then did it lag a bit! The serve performance is AMAZING!

Price: Can you find a better price then this? IMPOSSIBLE! Unless you are buying a 2mb ram server! The prices are CHEAP, and very affordable! Every place I've seen, has a WAY more expensive price than this! I love it!

Website: Their website is fantastic, and so is their client area, and the control panel for the server! The ONLY feature they need, is an iPhone App to control the server, because I always check my server on my iPhone. But the control panel is SO navigatible, I can even use it on my iPhone!

Uptime: I have NEVER seen the server go down! It is 24/7 and nothing happens to make it go down!

Overall: DEFINETLY THE BEST SERVER HOSTING COMPANY EVER! If you have common sense (or a mind) you WILL chooses this AWESOME COMPANY!"

"I love this host alot. They fixed my server when it had issues. And thy don't have lagg. They have really fast at answering questions It takes 5 minutes to 2 or 3 hours but mostly 5 or 10 minutes. They are really good and I will says go an use them. They rock"

"I must say I have used about 3 minecraft hosting websites and I was never really impressed... if I had an issue with the server I would have to post it on the forums when a random user answered my question. I was very impressed with the support on this website/hosting. If I have an issue with my server, the System Manger for Chromobyte was always there to help! I would get my tickets answered within 15-45 minutes of posting! If you issue was too hard to write in words, the manager would go into my account without asking for any information and fix the problem! Great pricing on servers also! I have the minecraft 3 package for this moment and I must say, I can keep the server on for weeks with out one issue or crash!"