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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to setup my Minecraft server?

Chromobyte runs in the U.S. following Central Standard Time (CST). We setup servers during the daylight hours of that time zone. Within daylight hours, servers are setup under 10 minutes under normal circumstances. An example of an abnormal circumstance would be requesting Tekkit or Hack/Mine to be on your server instead of Bukkit or the vanilla Minecraft server.

Why don't you have instant setups?

We don't use instant setup modules or scripts for Minecraft hosting because we like to be sure everything is done correctly the first time. Scripts can be smart and dynamic, but they still don't have brains.

Where are your Minecraft nodes located?

Currently, Chromobyte has 4 locations for our hosting services: a) Chicago, IL, USA, b) Kansas City, MO, USA, c) Dallas, TX, USA, and d) Phoenix, AZ, USA.

Do you offer other control panels besides Multicraft?

We are always looking to enhance and improve the services we offer. We also realize that not all users may prefer Multicraft, even our customized version, as a control panel. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any alternatives. However, note that we are currently developing our own Minecraft control panel.

How do I get Tekkit on my server? It's not an option in the jar selection menu.

We do advertise and offer Tekkit hosting, however it is not part of the jar file selection menu in the control panel because Tekkit requires many files to run properly and can be very buggy. To get Tekkit on your server, simply request it to be installed via email, ticket, or extra comments section of the order form.

The managed hosting addon...what exactly is it?

The managed hosting addon will be sure everything is working properly on your server by having our support team fix any plugin issues you may have as fast as possible as well as install new plugins. Without the managed hosting addon, Chromobyte will only manage up to 5 plugins.

How do I add plugins to my server?

Once your server has been setup and you've received the welcome email, login to the control panel with the information provided in the email. From there, click on Files > FTP File Access located on the left. You will be prompted to enter your control panel password again. Once you've gotten that far, you will see a folder called "plugins" - if you open that folder, that is where you can click Upload to upload any and all plugin files under 2MB in size. If the file sizes exceed 2MB, you will need to use an external FTP client such as FileZilla to upload the files or have a Chromobyte employee upload the files for you.

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Why Us?

  • Complete power and stability with Xeon E3 and E5 processors.

  • Lightning fast gigabit port speeds come standard.

  • Receive full root SSH access on any VPS or dedicated server.

  • Instant setups on VPS and web hosting services.

In addition to the above, Chromobyte offers unparalleled support that will gladly help with any concerns that arise.