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SSD Minecraft Hosting Plans

Chromobyte offers SSD-based Minecraft hosting services in different locations: Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Buffalo.
BungeeCord creates multi-world game networks. It is an special plan used to connect 2 minecraft servers together. Players can then jump from minecraft world1 to minecraft world2 while playing. You need to have ordered at least 2 other Minecraft plans to setup a multi-world game networks, do not signup if it is your first minecraft server, use instead our minecraft III plan for a first time server.
Our unique featured Multicraft control panel allows to Start/Stop and Configure BungeeCord servers from Multicraft itself, no need to know java commands to start a bungeecord anymore!

Create a Custom Plan

BungeeCord plan



  • 1064MB RAM
  • Unlimited server connections
  • slots used are from the underlying servers
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Works with Multicraft

  • BungeeCord needs to have at least 2 minecraft servers to make BungeeCord work. You cannot play in BungeeCord alone.

    if it is your first server, the MinecraftIII plan is the right choice.

Minecraft III



  • 1024MB (1GB) RAM
  • Unmetered disk space*

  • 30 slots**

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free enjin website †

* Unmetered disk space is stored on SSDs and based on fair usage.
** The number shown for slots is only recommended. The number is completely customizable.
† Free 45 day trial of Enjin's Advanced plan. Information for this is received in new order welcome emails.

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Why Us?

  • Complete power and stability with Xeon E3 and E5 processors.

  • Lightning fast gigabit port speeds come standard.

  • Receive full root SSH access on any VPS or dedicated server.

  • Instant setups on VPS and web hosting services.

In addition to the above, Chromobyte offers unparalleled support that will gladly help with any concerns that arise.